Associate Your Self With A Superior Corporate Event


We’re firm believers that your association meetings don’t have to be the same old same old or just business as usual. Whether you’re local, state, regional, or national, your meetings and events can be hugely entertaining successes on par with the largest events in the world. All you need is someone to set it up and knock it out for you. ISI Travel Solutions can do that. We’re familiar with all the ins and outs that association events involve. We know that the most important part of your meetings are the details – the minutes – the nitty gritty. We focus on that and help you spend your time with what matters the most – your agenda. We staff, plan, hire entertainers; arrange group travel, air ticketing, hotel rooms, and more. To ensure the success of your association meeting or event, we focus on making sure your meeting is:


  • Collaborative on a regional, state, or national level
  • Budget conscious
  • Timely


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