Event Management Services

Corporate Event Management And Meeting Planning

If you’re handed the responsibility of planning your company’s next corporate event or business meeting and need someone to help put it all together for you, we’ve got you covered. Our corporate event planners and corporate meeting planners have two goals:

  • 1. Create memorable meetings and events

  • 2. Look good in front of your boss and colleagues


To make it even easier on you, our hotel site selection services and contract negotiation services are FREE! Seriously, there’s no charge at all. We partner with you to guarantee your corporate event’s success with pre-planning, onsite and after-event management. When you use our event management services, you can choose from any or all of the following:

    • Venue search
    • Budgeting
    • Transportation
    • Entertainment
    • Registration and meeting technology
    • Housing management
    • Pre-event planning
    • Audio/Visual
    • Food and beverage planning
    • Custom meeting websites
    • Room list management
    • Conference attendee tracking
    • Event staffing
    • Logistics
    • Room setup

We know you value creativity, cost-effectiveness, and communication, so we ensure that our employees fit that mold. No matter how big or how small your meeting is, our scalable event management services can fulfill all of your needs. We guarantee that your event will be considered a success by all of your attendees. Contact us to get started today.

Event Staffing Services

You need first-class staff to attend your attendees’ needs. Anything less than perfect just isn’t good enough. Our extensive network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms lets us provide you with first-class professionals for your corporate event or meeting. Whether you need staffing that’s pre-planning or destination based, we’ve got you covered. This lets you save money on travel, per diems and accommodations because staffing will be located onsite at your meeting destination. Here are the corporate event staffing services you can choose from:







Hotel rooming


F&B Monitoring


We guarantee to provide the most experienced and qualified staffing solutions available. This ensures that every corporate event or corporate meeting you host will be both professional and incredibly memorable.

Corporate Registration and Meeting Technology

We utilize smart, cost-effective, corporate event management software that’s designed to make registering participants at your next meeting or event easier than ever while capturing the data you need. Our registration and meeting technology services include:

  • Online event registration with full customer service call center

  • Custom event websites built exactly to your specifications

  • Communication plan – Keep your event top of mind with a custom communications package

  • Professional housing / rooming list / room block management

  • Automated roommate pairing – eliminates 99% of pairing labor

  • Invitation tracking

  • Payment processing – U.S. & international credit cards

  • Secure 128-bit SSL encryption – secured by VeriSign™

  • Custom report generator – real time, 24/7 access

  • Integrated social event networking

  • Online exhibitor community

  • Post program surveys

Group Airfare and Ticketing


Managing group airfare for multiple attendees, from multiple points of origin, on to meetings or event venues can be a logistical nightmare. Get rid of the headaches that planning group airfare causes by letting us get everyone on board for you. We ensure that all of your logistics, details and accommodations are handled smoothly so your job becomes more about planning your event, and less about worrying about your attendees arriving at their destination. Our group airfare and ticketing services include:


  • Analysis of flight schedules and airline allowances
  • Personally selected flights based on convenience, budget and time frame
  • Determination of the best fare suited to your group and booking of flight blocks
  • Financial protections and savings to your travelers
  • Updated information on group airfare reduction and renegotiation if necessary
  • All materials needed for your flights: tickets, arrival and departure manifests, and luggage tags
  • A liaison between air and ground crew
  • Monitoring of deadlines and schedule changes
  • Transportation and transfers to and from airport

Our group airfare and ticketing also offers accounting and reporting. That means we handle all financial disbursements, payments and deposits. After your trip, we iron out all the final details, manage pre and post trip billing, and assist in completing your accounting reports.

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