Planning Corporate Events With Surgical Precision

After working what the rest of the world lovingly refers to as the “graveyard shift” all year, attending a meeting or event is probably the last thing on a medical professional’s to-do list. Just sitting there after tending to patients all night will guarantee naptime for half in attendance. But that’s only if the event or meeting is dry and boring.

But does it have to be dry and boring?

We work with you and your team to painstakingly craft an event, no, an experience that will delight all attendees and get everyone’s heartbeats up, even the cardiologist. We understand the sensitivity and urgency of the material you have to present, and the lives that may depend on it. We ensure that the focus of your event is your message. We can handle all aspects of planning for you. We can book flights, book hotel rooms, secure your event space or convention center, handle all billing, contract negotiations (which is FREE!), theming, food and beverage, and many other functions. Keep your attendees out of a comatose state and call us to get that personal, surgical approach to making your meeting shine. We guarantee that your event will be successful by ensuring that it is:

  • Professional
  • Educational
  • Perception driven
  • Fun

We understand the rigors of a military event. They require precision, decorum, and a focus on purpose and professionalism. We employ many veterans, and have organized many military events, so we understand. We specialize in providing a platform for defense industry professionals to learn from and discuss the security, processes, and future challenges that face the U.S. military. We know the ins and outs of government contracts and guarantee that your defense and military event will achieve high rank with your participants. We provide site selection that’s free, which will please even the most superior of officers – taxpayers too.

We work stringently with our hotel and convention partners to provide free site selection services, as well as free hotel contract negotiation. We then deliver a contract that contains favorable terms and is considered a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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