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    Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

    Trying to picture a fun and exciting corporate event can be as difficult as finding a word to rhyme with orange. When thinking of a traditional meetings and corporate event, our minds are instantly flooded with images of stale hotel ballrooms and awkward ice breaking activities among participants. Over recent years; however, many companies have […]

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    Choosing the Right Entertainment For Your Corporate Event

    The word “event” is typically one we associate with something exciting, fun, or large. However, place another word, “corporate,” in front of it and immediately it is degraded to something often mandatory and boring. Corporate events are a valuable addition to any company calendar. They are a great way to market the brand and promote […]

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    Corporate Activities

    Corporate event planning should not be cookie cutter material. Companies should be using these events as opportunities to reward employees and allow for socialization outside the office. Many event planners have not caught on to this strategy yet, and often turn corporate events into school-like programs. These rarely benefit anyone because they are not engaging […]

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    The World’s Most Dangerous Countries

    There are some parts of the world that offer fun in the form of a little danger – running with bulls, stalking big cats, exploring the ruinous remains of a nuclear disaster. But there are some countries where no matter how much of a daredevil you think you are, and no matter how much you […]

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    The World’s Rudest Countries

    Even if you’re not from a state like Georgia or South Carolina, where “Southern Hospitality” reigns supreme, you still appreciate common courtesy and other general niceties. This is especially true when you’re hosting a meeting or event for your company. Sadly, there are nations in the world that suffer from a peculiar case of rudeness, […]

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    What To Do When Natural Disasters Strike Your Travels

    No country on earth is a stranger to natural disasters. There are earthquakes, rogue waves, tsunamis, floods, landslides, avalanches, tornadoes, the list goes on and on. Regardless, if you’re going to be traveling for leisure, or with your company for a trip, it’s good to know what to do if you ever have the good […]

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    The World’s 5 Most Polluted Countries

    When people around the world celebrate the growth of new burgeoning economies, they tend to forget the downside that can accompany the expansions and growth – pollution. When an economy develops too fast and infrastructure can’t or won’t keep up, the result is typically lots of air pollution and a country you that no corporate […]