Site Selection Services

Hotel Selection And Venue Management By Travel Solutions

When assigned with planning a corporate event, finding the right location is crucial. In fact, it’s the most important aspect of your entire meeting. It’s tough to do because there are hundreds of thousands of different venues you could choose from. And finding one that fits both your needs and your budget all by yourself? Where do you even begin? Hope you have a couple of months to go through it all.

Or…we could just do it for you. Our close-knit network of relationships lets us hook you up with the perfect hotel, conference venue, or convention center free of charge. We’re able to do this because we plan hundreds of corporate events and corporate meetings every year, giving us credibility and preference with our partners. This preference lets us pass on the best prices in the industry to you. Click here to check out some frequently asked questions about site selection.

We also offer FREE Hotel Contract Negotiations

Click here to learn about attrition and cancellation, two very specific aspects of hotel contract negotiation.