Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

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rsz_img_0143Trying to picture a fun and exciting corporate event can be as difficult as finding a word to rhyme with orange. When thinking of a traditional meetings and corporate event, our minds are instantly flooded with images of stale hotel ballrooms and awkward ice breaking activities among participants. Over recent years; however, many companies have decided to go the non-traditional route when planning meetings and corporate events. Not only has this changed employees’ perception of such events, but they have become much more beneficial. One of the easiest ways to make this happen is simply by selecting the right venue.

Since employees spend nearly all of their time cooped up in an office all day, it could be beneficial to select an unusual venue for corporate events. Listed below are several ideas for event planners to consider when choosing a venue for their next corporate event or conference.

Is It Convenient?
It may be easy to neglect little details such as accessibility when planning a corporate event. Whether participants and employees are traveling by car, plane, or public transportation, the venue you select must be simple to reach.

Create a Fun Atmosphere:
As mentioned above, just because you are planning a “corporate event” does not necessarily mean it has to be boring. In fact, it may be smart for your event planner to do the exact opposite. Ideally, employees should look at business events as opportunities to let loose and enjoy the company of their co-workers. On the other hand, business owners should see corporate events as an opportunity to reward employees for their dedication and hard work. With this in mind, your corporate event planner should look for venues that have relaxing, comfortable atmospheres.

Good Food:
Since corporate events or conferences tend to last throughout the day, it is important to have food planned in advance. If your event planner chooses to have food catered to the venue, measures should be taken to ensure it is freshly prepared and will accommodate those with food allergies and restrictions. Quantity is also important when it comes to food. Remember that having leftover food will be better than not having enough.

Keep Guests Entertained:
Many corporate event planners find great success when they provide some sort of entertainment for their guests. Depending on the event’s occasion, it could be fun for participants to enjoy entertainment from a musician or speaker. Either way, the event planner needs to make sure the venue will be able to accommodate.

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