The World’s Most Dangerous Countries

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rsz_somalia1There are some parts of the world that offer fun in the form of a little danger – running with bulls, stalking big cats, exploring the ruinous remains of a nuclear disaster. But there are some countries where no matter how much of a daredevil you think you are, and no matter how much you think you can get by on your good looks, you just can’t. There’s even one country that hasn’t had an official “tourist” or visitor in over fourteen years! That country happens to top this list of the world’s most dangerous countries. Next time you’re planning a corporate meeting, a corporate event, or an incentive travel trip, make sure to cross these countries off of your site inspection list:

        Somalia – This country is filled with fighting, warlords, militias and pirates. If you think of swash buckling adventures and Johnny Depp when you hear mention of pirates, then you’ll be very disappointed to find that these pirates are neither fun, adventurous, or hygienic. For your own sake, stay far away from here.
        Afghanistan – If you live in the United States or Afghanistan) you don’t need a lesson on why this country is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. If you don’t know why it’s dangerous, here’s one word that will answer any questions you may have – Taliban. This terrorist group has run amok and wreaked havoc, creating a nearly ungovernable country that’s beyond the reach of any measure of law enforcement.
        Iraq – Again with a country that doesn’t need lots of explaining to demonstrate why it’s dangerous. But this one plays host to a terrorist of a different breed – al Qaeda. Coupled with a recently ended decade-long war and you’ve got a hotbed of unstable militant action that you should avoid at all costs.
        Syria – A country that’s embroiled in civil wars is obviously one to stay away from. Even more so people, regardless of executed the action, die by the thousands from chemical weapons attacks. Who in their right mind would plan an event here? Not you, obviously, because you’re way too smart to consider this country for your meeting.
        Yemen – This country used to be a beautiful tourist hotspot, but militant factions like al Qaeda, violence, targeted and random kidnappings, and a widespread rape problem have rendered it all but unvisitable. Also, its close proximity to Somalia doesn’t help if you plan on taking to the sea. Nobody’s safe from the pirates.

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