The World’s Rudest Countries

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rsz_paris_option_3Even if you’re not from a state like Georgia or South Carolina, where “Southern Hospitality” reigns supreme, you still appreciate common courtesy and other general niceties. This is especially true when you’re hosting a meeting or event for your company. Sadly, there are nations in the world that suffer from a peculiar case of rudeness, and choose not to embrace hospitality in the same way southerners in the states do. Skyscanner made life easy for us by conducting a poll to see exactly which nations incoming travelers consider to be the rudest in the world.

These are the results of that survey:

  • France 19.2%
  • Russia 16.6%
  • Britain 10.4%
  • Germany 9.9%
  • China 4.3%
  • United States 3.3%
  • Spain 3.1%
  • Italy 2.3%
  • Poland 2.2%
  • Turkey 2.1%

You can see that France and Russia eclipse their competitors by gobbling up a staggering 35.8% of the vote. How rude! Call Travel Solutions at 1-866-567-7431 and let us help you find a nice, courteous and polite location to host your next corporate event or meeting.

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